Trade Wars

US vs the World

The Worlds beacon of free trade vs those protectionist Chinese, those socialist Europeans and Canadians and those Mexican free loaders.
For too long the people of the rest of the World have been doing exactly as the US demands and removing trade barriers. But no more, the US now demands that the barriers go back up and fast.

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Remember Dope Wars? That was a great game.


Storage Wars

This will be the end for Irish whisky

The Scotch are fucked altogether. We can take their European markets at least.

Fuck.Does this automatically mean that the school dinner lady from Galway will be sent home.

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Dublin v Wexford
We refuse to buy their strawberries on roadsides and they refuse to take our poor and disenfranchised in Courtown and Gorey. Wicklow becomes an obvious winner with holiday refugees refused at the border and arklow and it’s surrounds become new holiday havens.

I’d say the Europeans would love to fuck up the Scotch Whiskey industry as a parting gift to the Brexiteers. They probably don’t realize there is an Irish Whisky Industry as well.

I’d not think it’s high on their list of priorities to be fair.

What isn’t?

Harley Davidson’s .

And the English in turn won’t want Scotland if the whiskey industry is goosed.

In fairness it takes a particular class of a cunt to ride a Harley. Bono, Gay Byrne etc.


Gaybo got his Harley off Bono

If that orange fucker Trump he’s gonna fuck with Aughanish then he hasn’t heard Niall Collins on RTE today.
Niall is, incredibly, the FF spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Trade. All we need now is an election, Niall instated in a Ministerial role and Huzzah!!!
I sometimes wonder if the country is truly fucked or are we all asleep at the wheel again. :sweat_smile:

The whiskey/whisky crowd will be down on that like a ton(ne) of bricks when they wake up.

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I think you know the answer.

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Did you work on the building of Aughanish?
Everyone of a certain vintage seems to have worked there at some stage.

No. A short burst at the IT in Limerick was the closest I got to it.

You can add pat short to that list.