:Trophy: TFK Election Extravaganza 2016 💰

Play TFK’s Election Betting Competition and win thousands of euro (subject to hundreds of entries).

Do you think Christy Burke (at 5/4) will oust Maureen O’Sullivan (8/15)? Does Tom Neville have a chance in Limerick County or is he just being named here to bait the Limerick posters into participating?

Select your best value 20 candidates and win an enormous share of an enormous pot.

##How to play

Deposit only €10 to TFK Bet and you will be credited with 100 TFK points for betting on the Irish General Election 2016. That’s a very generous 10 points for every € you contribute. (Rival bookmakers generally only offer a 1 for 1 exchange rate).

That 100 points must be used across 20 individual bets.

Each bet must use 5 points.

You can bet on any candidate with odds of 50/1 or lower from any constituency (I got bored trying to get them all in).

There are no accumulators. You need to submit 20 individual bets of 5 points each. It couldn’t be simpler.

##How to deposit

Firstly, register at TFK Bet if you don’t already have an account.

If you do, then you should know how to deposit. But here’s the link for those of you that need it. You need to deposit €10.

Why dont you deposit £10 in my a/c rocko and ill tell you my views

Why don’t you just tell us your views, this is a public forum after all. We will be the judges of whether they’re worth 10 smackers.

@the_man_himself and @The_Most_Infamous

Do you want to use your hurling points balance for this or keep them separate?

@Rocko, my constituency seems to be missing???

Separate please. I wouldn’t know much about politics

Bumped for @Rocko

I will add it this evening. :clap: :ballot_box_with_check:

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I’ll stick with the hurling aswell @Rocko

@Rocko, when do entries have to be in by?

8am on Friday.

By popular demand, I am extending the closing date until close of polls tomorrow @ 10pm.

This will remove any unfair advantage held by posters from western isles who are voting today.

delete … .dumb question

Many in so far Rock?

No. I haven’t really been online much the last couple of days but I think 4 or 5. Another couple on the way seemingly. Would have thought there’d be a bit more interest for a low risk €10.

I am in

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Still plenty of room for more entries here.

I will be entering tomorrow.

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Still plenty of time to enter this…