Trump to Ireland 2’19

The usual suspects are seething about this. All the cost of doing bidness.

It will be a tremendous boost for the country


Will you be home for it Tass ?

Bord Failte couldn’t buy the publicity .

Trump remembered the lovely welcome he got in Shannon the last time.

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His hotel in Doonbeg is one of the finest in the country if you avoid the golf lads.


Bord Failte doesn’t exist anymore

Which poster is most likely to pull a Fr Neilus Horan on this lads?

He will sweep the Irish vote stateside after the week in Ireland .

he is single handidly keeping west clare alive

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President Trump, like his great nation, has always been a good friend to Ireland.

He’ll receive a rapturous welcome and deservingly so.

Ireland has always been closer to Boston than Berlin


The Guardian are seething the people of Clare are looking forward to President Trumps visit. A bad few days for the Trump loons.

Trump Trump Trump


Snowflake alert

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@Tassotti were you there?

What day does he arrive?

The last time Trump arrived to Ireland, we sent Ministers and Harpists and Irish Dancers to his Private Jet.

Ireland knew then, what the rest of the world knows now. Ireland lead the way.