TTk RWC 2015

Let me start by saying what the fuck has happened to the site? I had to create a new account to post as I couldn’t log in.

Anyway the RWC starts Friday and I’m here to make you an absolute bundle of cash. Forget bills and live like a king for the next 3 months. The markets are ripe for picking, juicy fruit and its hanging low.


Which egg and spoon shirt lifters should we fire all our money on?

@caoimhaoin :smiley:


Incredible scenes

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Signing in. This guy never lost us money yet*, and he’s not going to start now.

  • as long as we ignore all the times he lost us money

Another “the tipping king’s be broke for chrimbo” thread.

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This is TTK’s moment, this is his lick

Seriously though. What the fuck has happened to the layout of the site?

There are so many poorly priced markets so far. One firm have gone up, ricked it, and everyone else has cogged them.

Has anyone got an unrestricted 365 account? Could be very useful for the coming 6 weeks.

I don’t but Mrs Mac just happened to open one recently by coincidence.

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:smile: did you just get her to open one for an overnight price or for a future touch?

You could put fresh 365 accounts on eBay and make a killing.

This is great news. I’m only just getting my financial affairs in order now after your last thread. I think this Christmas is going to be the best one ever!!


I have one.

Couple of overnight prices, one landed and one didn’t. She was smart enough to use her maiden name too and to only ever access her account in incognito browsers. She’s smart that way so she is.

Can anyone explain sentence 4 to me here.

One firm put up RFWC market prices, made a balls of it, but other firms have more or less copied their odds.

So there’s plenty of fucked up odds and that means money making opportunities and that’s where our man TTK comes in. :clap:

PS: go to bed, mate.

Thanks pal, I’m a bit of a night owl on this continent to be honest. I’m all in for this betting coup, just lead me to the city of gold ttk

Open a bet365 account and deposit $500. By the end of the World Cup you’ll have your first class tickets home for the All Ireland Final next year paid for.

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Let’s not go nuts here. I’ll open one up with 50 and follow this thread religiously. Any good betting sites with offers from newbies, ask your gambling addict wife if necessary

Edit: I see I replied to myself here. Bedtime!


Right what’s the first tip?

TTK got grief at the time but he was right back in 2010 about the economic downturn being impossible to prevent and part of the economic cycle. The recovery we’re experiencing now is testament to that. Looking forward to not watching any rugby football but making lots of money on the back of TTK’s tips.