TTK v Apple v Gilgamboa - Bet Score Log

Round 1 -

Apple is going for Ulster -3
TTK is going for Connacht to win.


I’m surprised he still bets on games involving ulster after what happened all those years back v Edinburgh. Ulster on the hcap, munster win and the boks the hcap. Think the treble pays 12/1 or did anyway.

We will keep it to one bet.

He reckons he is the king, he can prove it here.

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I’ve put 100 on both


Ulster by 1 to 3 or a draw and you’re in right bother :joy::joy::joy:

I’ll be fine

Don’t tell me that cunt is back?

We are all gonna be rich by Christmas.

Ive a pain in my head already! :face_with_head_bandage:

That’s the chowder I’d say

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What’s the issue WYT?

ive srill got a pain in my wallet from last time out

Too much cash in it ?

The King is here to stay…

unlikely from following TTK’s tips

I wish you well in your endeavours Sir I hope you see profit for the 25th of December.

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Thank you, that’s very kind of you and much appreciated.


Room for one more?

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Two of the most thin skinned small man syndrome Walter Mitty wankers the board has ever seen go head to head :smiley:


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the irony being that given both their track records its highly likely both will lose :smiley: