Turd Division 17/18


JRight, as of now this is our list, I suppose we should all confirm our participation and willingness to stick with this for the season
@artfoley :football:
@labane1917 :football:
@manbehindthewire :football:
@maroonandwhite :football:
@backinatracksuit :football:
@Bad_Winner :football:
@Copper_pipe :football:
@codegreen :football:
@chops91 :football:
@bawny :football:
@gaillimhmick :football:

@Copper_pipe has agreed to take the reins as nobody else stepped forward, he hasn’t played in a few years but strikes me as a safe pair of hands, @croppy_boy will need to hand him the keys and somebody who has done the job before could fill him in via PM, any arguments? Word is that it doesn’t require an awful lot, I will campaign for more severe punishments for fuckacting though.
I believe that everybody bar @gaillimhmick has played before?


I have the feelers out. I’ll get back to you later.


The most important role for the commish is resisting outside pressure. Cunts like @ChocolateMice, @Matty_Hislop, and @Chucks_Nwoko will be constantly sticking in their noses, offering β€œadvice”. The commish needs to be firm and the league needs to be united in sending them packing.


Aren’t you in another league pal? I think we are sorted here.




Signing in


Yes I am you but I need to hand over the keys to the kingdom to the new commish you dipstick.


You can’t have a complete newb as commish


Are you throwing your hat into the ring Chef?


Ya I’ll play . Been playing last few years in other leagues so know the score


Has @Copper_pipe accepted the role? If so, can the blow ins blow the fuck out.


He hasn’t been offered it.


He’s ineligible I’m afraid.


I’m in


I’m out if Copper Cunt is taking over.


He’s not taking over, no greenhorns are allowed become commissioner. Ignore the Chef, he’s just mischief making.




Can you provide the bylaw that states that?


What’s it to you?


Exactly. These cunts need to fuck right off and go back to fucking up their own leagues.