Turd Division 17/18


I’d be very confident with myself with the team you’ve assembled.


He’s a cute whore that fella,
He’ll be giving me those lads back on Tuesday morning, it’s a little loan deal.


You forget to mention that


@Copper_pipe was standing back getting the lay of the land — he’s going to the playoffs with a 10-4 record.


Sorry mate, I meant to get back to you earlier, it’s week 9 that I need the loan of Zeke and Rodgers.


He’s had a tough schedule for the first 3 games, conceding an average of 140 points a game. His fortunes should improve significantly as he faces some of the league’s dross in the coming weeks.


Yeah grand, drop me a message and we’ll sort something out


Fuck that … Give no one nothing unless it’s to your advantage.


He won’t be beaten this weekend.


Oh dear, Montgomery gone in the first series.


Fuck you Trevathan you filthy cunt. Disgusting hit on Devante Adams.


He’s gone balls deep on the Packers, didn’t work out too bad last night but you’re well in it if you get a decent score from the QB


It’s all over. I’m waving the White Flag furiously here.


It doesn’t count because I’m ignoring it!


You can’t ignore it, mate. Look at the lineups. Look at that lead.

You are about to bust your nut. :clap::clap::clap:


What’s the lead?



How many players amassed that?


Rodgers, Cobb,Crosby, Packers D


It aint over yet…