Turd Division 17/18


@Raylan :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Some contrast between my two teams this week, just 110 points between them :thinking:


@artfoley unlucky you invested in the raiders. You should probably look to trade either crabtree or lynch. Il give you my bengals defence for one of em.


Thanks for the trade offer but I’m gonna turn that one down at the moment, later in the week I may get desperate but I’m not sure I like it.


Nobody cares dickhead. You can send him a little tittle tattle message via the Trade on the website.


How did this work out?



Ah lovely… Looks like the Turds is where it’s at.


Exactly as I suspected, let down by the QB and TE but the bench was solid if not spectacular.


But you have such depth & picking the team was a head scratcher? Did the projections mug you off as opposed to checking your matchups?


Surely no one here goes by projections?


If you have too much depth it’s the only way to go.


I didn’t go by the projections mate, but it wouldn’t have made any difference.


But you said in an earlier post that you were? Why are you lying on the internet?


That was long before kick off mate,
you’re very cocky all of a sudden after a couple of wins, this is a marathon.


Are you shitting me?


did you take that seriously :rofl:


Incredible comeback from Fake News tonight, just fell short after an incredible performance form Larry Fitz and to a lesser extent Zeke Elliott.


@artfoley, is it possible for you to fast track trades going forward, do you get an E-Mail or any notification that one is pending? I missed out on this mornings waiver wire, not a big deal.


Congrats to @Copper_pipe on this weeks upcoming victory. Nice little trade you did with @backinatracksuit i see. Great looking squad you’ve got and I’ll be glad to get within 30 points of your tbh.


I’m taking nothing for granted.