Turd Division 17/18


Can’t see it.


Get your glasses, you’ll need 'em.


Wilson has half of them already you poxy cunt


A classic in the clash of our miserable negative Segunda wannabe and the very very unfortunate @Copper_pipe, bad luck mate.


Defense decided that match up, Saints against the hapless Dolphins.


Congrats @carryharry

My quest to get a win goes on.


Tough luck pal


I feel for @Copper_pipe, he was a warm warm fav heading into the evening games but luckily for me Winston had himself a game.
Although Amari Cooper & the Raiders nearly screwed me it was the pick up of the Saints D as a FA was the difference. A very astute pick from myself. :clap:


Called it.


Any chance you’ll spare us the bullshit in future?
Well done, you’ve a decent team there, though like myself you lost a RB1 last night, tough break


Lot of injuries this week, mate…can you throw up the obvious replacement s there…


I’ve no idea who’s available in your league mate, I know what I’ll be doing but I’m not first on the wire.


Just a list of who will step up to the plate for each injury this week will be grand… I’ll figure out who is free in my down three leagues


Mate, I’m sure you’re able to work this out by yourself, what good would it do me to tell my opponents who I intend to target on the waiver wire unless I have first pick.
I’ll PM you my intentions if you’re not being a cunt for the sake of it.


I have a top class RB ready to go next weekend, mate.


Can you see it now?


No, I don’t have access to your (other) league. Are you winning?


Yeah. Just need to avoid any fumbles from Kareem for the remainder.


I’d a handy enough win for a finish against @artfoley’s injury ravaged squad.

Huge game next week against the red hot @AppleCrumbled outfit


Nice doing business @labane1917, that’s a player I like, had him for a bit of last year, I felt guilty never starting Matthews, he’ll fit in well for you. Once this bye week is done I’ll be looking forward to my new toy.