Turd Division 17/18


I am desperate for wideouts mate, it’s that simple. Good luck with Tevin.


I could see that, I’m in a similar boat with RBs after Carson’s injury, nothing to shout about on the waiver wire this week.


Did someone just trade Coleman for Jordan Matthews? :smile:


No mate, why would you make such a stupid assumption? Unless you want to blow smoke out of your hole again,


Rishard Matthews you jackass.


For a knowitall he doesn’t half look like a dumbass when he comes in here


Even better again :rofl:


Well, I’m sure we’ll all agree that a lad who’s set to miss the next 4 or 5 games is a worse acquisition than the Titans top target,

Everybody except you anyway :rofl:


You’re talking to someone who just picked up the injured Josh Doctson off the wire in another league :rofl:


The old TFK illness of digging a bigger hole when you look stupid

A J Matthews facing a 5 week layoff is better than a fit R Matthews :rofl:


Guys, there’s a reason I’m in the big league and you’re in the kids area…for the second year :joy:

PM me for help.


Any help on getting a win?!


PM sent.


This fella mentored me all throughout my 0-5 start last year mate. I’m sure that @Rocko will confirm that the last PM between us coincided with a big improvement in my fortunes.

You’ve the 6th highest scoring team mate, you’re doing nothing wrong, the wins will come.


The helpless cannot be helped.


Congrats @labane1917 on this weeks match.
Bye weeks killed me.


Stop with the bullshit. I already had Julio and Devante out and now Gronk is out as well. Impossible to call.


Well in @labane1917, fair play.


Could be close, two very understrength teams. I’d make @labane1917 warm enough favourite, @carryharry’s gamble on a backup NE tightend didn’t work out at all.


How does the score predictions add up for your team selection this week?