Turd Division 18/19

Right fellas, we’ll need to get this up and running alongside the other leagues, all newbie interest will need to be submitted here, I know there was a couple recently but I don’t recall who. I think @Copper_pipe would be a brilliant commish, that’s not to take away from @artfoley but we have a real operator among our ranks and it’d be a shame not to take advantage, if it’s OK with you Art could you hand over the keys. Copper can finalise the settings etc, I think 3 leagues of four is the way to go, I finished second overall in the regular season but didn’t even make the playoffs.
best of luck to @Raylan and @chops91 who are leaving us.

a couple of the posters with places in the league are fierce infrequent posters so may not wish to take part.
I think this is our list

is this correct and are you all interested in going again?

I’m in.

It’s up to the new commish to decide the league format, it’s not a democracy. The only thing the rest of us have input on is when the draft occurs. My vote is for the week of August 20.

Unsurprisingly that @backinatracksuit is whinging already about last year. Wasn’t @anon32894817 fucked out last year for non participation, or was that @anon26343222? @artfoley can you confirm who was fucked out last year.

@anon32894817 got the bullet IIRC

I’ve given up the drugs so I’ll be in at weekends this year for the most part. I believe all franchises that entereted at the start are offered a place again.

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Looks like you’re on the standby list.

I’ve no complaints about last year, I knew the story. Once Chops went 10-1 though I had nothing to play for during the remaining weeks, a wild card is something I’d vote for but I’m easy

believe what you want pal, but the turds aint last chance U.

If it was me, itd be a resounding no, but its an early test of @Copper_pipe mettle

You just complained about last year

Ok I’ll be on standby.

I made a suggestion. I hope it’s taken into account.

Let’s wait and see if the 12 on the list confirm. There were a few last year that barely participated, and @caulifloweredneanderthal was a newbie, but improved somewhat with my guidance.

There were a few expressions of interest in another thread, this is the place for newbies.

I suggest we get a quick head count and then we consider @anon32894817 's participation for the coming season… If it makes it awkward it’ll be a no and vice versa.


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Fantastic leadership already.
I’m in.

You can’t have been fairer than that CP.

@Your_Mums_Athletic expressed an interest, there’s a couple of zombies in our list but the last thing you want is fellas not logging in for weeks.
You’re the gaffer.

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With humility and respectful temerity, whatch yis on about?