Turd Division 18/19


Are you interested?


What’s it about?


Are you in or out?


It’s a computer game.

We’d take you in a heartbeat


Fuck off you interfering Cork cunt


Is there gloating, childish behaviour, juvenile one-upmanship and utterly futility?


a bit yeah.
Are you in?


I would advise a year playing a pretend league first.
Although this is division 3 the standard is now quite high as most lads have been at it for a while


Without knowing what I’m into I’m in. A bit like my first three marriages


There might be enough for a fourth division at this rate.


It’s fantasy American Football… This is a hurling and American Football forum after all.


To hell with that. I know less about American football than I do about soccerball. I’d hate to clog up the thread with ill-informed baseless nonsense :thinking:




Ah here


There’s plenty of that, a lot of lads that know nothing about the sport.


Is it like the world cup prediction league? Pick the winner and guess the score?


No, you pick players in a draft and set a line up each week. There’s a small bit of horsetrading, that’s about it.


A bit more complicated, you’d want a bit of time on your hands a couple of times a week, I suspect you have it.
One of the big boys will hold your hand for a few weeks, @Chucks_Nwoko was a decent mentor to me before he turned on me :confused:
In all honesty ideally you’d want a bit of interest in the game but it’s probably not necessary to be successful


What the hell. I have very little time but I’m well capable of wasting it


OK mate, you’ll be on the backup list, I suspect you’ll be needed,
If the rape trial taught us anything it’s that you have the necessary obsessive streak to be a TFKNFLFF star.