Turd Division 18/19


Dedicated you mean!


Im gonna finish behind lads who dont know what a tight end or bye week is :sob:


Are those rape terms or football terms?



Kudos for calling it football though. Calling it American football is an automatic disqualification.

Right, read football for dummies, friday night lights, then the commish will download a few series of hard knocks for you. Might want to take some leave.


If you keep up your performance levels you’ll end up in the (non existent) fourth next year.


From what?




Can’t wait to walk all over you.

Are we monetizing this thing?




As special advisor to the commissioner i propose we make room for AC and glenners. Ive never even heard of some of the cunts in that first post. We want active abuse participants. Also, 20 a head.


Don’t come in telling lads how things are going to be run after being ran out of every league you were in.
@Copper_pipe, keep an eye on this Galway cunt, he’s a pwoper twoublemaker.


My way or the highway you cunt. Ive brought leagues to their knees, im not to be trifled with.


Put @maroonandwhite on the standby list @Copper_pipe and absolve @AppleCrumbled or take a punt on @glenshane. Firm decisive action to start off your reign.


Commish can we restrict this to irish people only. Sorry labane.


Yes, eliminate the most knowledgeable one on the sport (and the only guy on the ground, now that you got kicked out of North America).
If we are to drop someone, it should be the one who has driven every other league on TFK to distraction.
@Robert_Emmet, the forum’s expert on TFKNFLFF matters, to confirm.


He’s a TFKNFLFF leper. He’ll have the Turds infected in a matter of days


Still seething of when i ran you from the commissioner job you valued so dearly. Some of my best work.


I’m in


Throw me down also


Art Foley