Turd Division 18/19

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Poll ends 9:30 tomorrow night.


Not Thursday or Friday anyway. Sunday evening be the finest


I love the protest vote :smile:


I assure you only votes from members within the league will be considered


Saturday 9pm it is…


Superb decision making mate, you will make an awesome commish.


It’s an odd time for something like that, don’t think I’ll be able to draft then.


I wont be around myself but I am going with the democratic vote…


Why didn’t you vote yourself??


It’s called democracy mate, get with the program.


Saturday evening is a stupid time for something like this, it’s unquestionably the least likely time you’ll be in front of a computer,
I’m happy to go with the consensus but the auto draft is a bit of a lottery,


I’m fine with it mate.


How long before a draft is it customary to release the order? Assuming a lot of us will miss the draft as it’s at 9 o clock on a Saturday night it would be handy to know.


What the fuck happens in a draft? I just got an email about it happening Saturday … does everyone get to pick a player each and then so on?

How do I explain to my life partner that I’ll be on the phone at 9pm on a Saturday night trying to work this out? Will it take a few minutes or should I tell her to butt out and watch a film on her own?


Go on the site and do a mock draft for a few rounds to see how it works, just fill your roster, they rank the players in the order that they feel they should be drafted but if you watch a bit of football you’ll have a few ladsthat you’d like, it’s great fun really


It’ll take close to an hour


Set up your player list as soon as @Copper_pipe has set ip the draft. Pick a load of running backs and wide receivers first.


I’ve sent out the email already


Excellent work.


Righto. Cheers @labane1917 and @backinatracksuit

I’ve a work deadline for Friday so once that gets out of the way, I’ll take a proper look at it. I don’t watch the sport and haven’t a clue really, as my brief foray into the league last year showed