Turd Division 18/19


I’ll be out anyway! Liam will be in west Limerick!


I’m okay with this. But, probably best at this stage to just make a decision yourself because you won’t please everyone.
Lads who can’t make the Draft have an Autodraft option.


Suits me.


Right so we have

Fake News - @Copper_pipe
shutthefuckup - @manbehindthewire
Galwayniner - @labane1917
backinatracksuit’s trainers - @backinatracksuit

Who’s who then? A search of the team names of TFK wasn’t all that helpful.



Me = Joints


Can we push the draft date out to the weekend? Any of Fri, Sat or Sunday nights are good.

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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I’m baby got dak


How’s it going kid?


Out of hibernation now for fantasy


I was Brady mvp




So Saturday it is?


Saturday doesn’t seem to suit @Matty_Hislop or @Bandage so we’ll probably have to pick a different day


Are you drunk?


Will you consider three conferences of 4 rather than the other way around @Copper_pipe


In my first year as commish I want to ease myself into the position. I dont plan to overhaul the championship in my first season in the job.

The option that is leading the poll @ 9pm tonight will be the date for the draft. Votes only valid from those actually in the league :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Fixed a typo there. Dont plan is what that should have read!


There was three conferences before last year, I’m not sure what Art’s thinking was, just like me you were realistically out of contention for a playoff place after 10 weeks, there has to be a wildcard slot


We’ll have another poll so. I wasnt aware of the structure before my time on TFK.