TV Rights, best avoided




Rolls off the tongue.


Going to be a lot of disappointed people flicking onto that channel late at night after the pub…


I hope they do something about the SD signal TV3 is being broadcast on.
Very poor for a match compared to RTE HD picture.


VMT. Sounds familiar.


Is this the first time ever in the PL era that the price hasn’t gone up?
Some record signings starting to look even more expensive now. :popcorn:



Amazon have yet to play their hand… They might get the same money from all three? Tho Amazon would surely look to rival BT


Ryle gone as Head of Sport


A clusterfuck of a reign. We’d have been better off picking Jason Sherlock as head of sport.


A sad day, he was unfairly maligned.


@The_Selfish_Giant is the man to analyze the ratings that led to this dark hour in RTÉ


Destroyed by tfk and ends his reign commentating on ladies rugby.


He’s rumoured to be taking up the role as head of Jamie Heaslip’s social media accounts.


he was a disaster


Nugent’s departure is pretty unexpected. Was it an amicable parting of the ways or did RTE do something to ryle him?


+1. Spearheaded RTEs decline as the 26 counties foremost sports broadcaster.


He was only 8 years in the role. Hard to believe he did so much damage in that time


Did he make any good decisions or have any notable achievements? Its almost like he was brought in with a view to just cutting costs.