TV Rights, best avoided


Yes he decimated Rte’s coverage of rugby.


Rylers also decimated RTE’s coverage of GAA.

From their previous position of having 0 minutes of live GAA action between September and May, under Nugent they ended up in a position where they had 0 minutes of live GAA action between September and May.


What was he to do?

RTÉ’s funding declined at the same time as sports rights prices everywhere went up. Sky continued to pay top dollar. Eir entered the market and TV3 finally got some solid backing.


We told all the Muldoons on here this last year. What a huge snub this is for the Gahliban. Nobody gives a fuck about who broadcasts the national stick hurling drivel. Nugent couldn’t bag the big, prestigious ratings winners and has paid the price.


Wow - Royal has paid the price for trying to put all his eggs in the rubby basket - which is way down the list in playing numbers compared to other sports – he thought the bandwagon fan and women folk tuning in would be enough to sustain it but alas, the wheels have fallen off and he has been ran.


He was a one trick pony.


At least Jim Gavin would give an odd interview to RTE if this came to pass.

With your mate John Horan now safely installed as GAA president maybe Jayo will get the gig. He was very good with Kathryn Thomas on Rapid


Some new information has come to light on John Horan, he will make a magnificent President.


Sounds intriguing?


Could’ve taken the redundancy package which is closing soon


This information came from John’s own mouth, wrongs have been righted and we move forward together, as fíor gaels confident in our organisation.


Is he going to abolish the Mickey Mouse January competitions?


The Fitzgibbon? Yes.


Jesus, next you’ll be telling us that Diarmuid Connolly is a decent skin and much misunderstood.


Connolly is nothing but a tramp.



I had never heard of Oram, Co Monaghan until Big Toms funeral last week. Now I see Ryle Nugent is being replaced by Oram native Declan McBennett.


His name is familiar. How would I know him mate ?


A GAA man as head of sport in RTE.

Proper order :clap: