TV Rights, best avoided


Sky Sports has lost the rights to show La Liga games in the UK and Ireland to provider run by Leeds owners


Gerry Armstrong will be heartbroken


Hopefully dunphy will still be able to tune in on Sunday nights when he comes back from the pub



McBennett on the ball already.



Yiz have missed the real story here.

RTE have lost the final to TV3 and Conor focking McNamora.

I had hoped 2003 was the end of this nonsense.


And Tuesday nights ?


RTE and TV3 have effectively swapped contracts.


I assume TV 3 ponied up more dosh ??


No. TV3 can apparently show some Tuesday night matches with RTE.

I prefer TV3’s coverage of football these days anyway.


RTÉ shouldn’t be showing it.


Who are this Eleven Sports crowd?

They have secured La Liga and Serie A rights for next season.


BT Sports are losing to rights to the UFC and the NBA


Silly move by both to move to such a niche station.


They have channels in Poland anyway. Picked up la liga, serie a and French league two years ago from Canal + .


Prices announced:
annual €69.99 (£60) - promo
monthly €7.99 (£6.99)



Reasonable price in fairness


Seems to be an online platform.