TV Rights, best avoided


I haven’t taken a deep dive yet bud, as always you have to check twice with the headlines from the Fake News media.


Nodding and agreeing


so 5/6th of the country aren’t Irish?


Seamus Heaneys five towers of Irish identity is well worth a read. Its called the quincunx. I would reside predominately somewhere between Thoor Ballylee tower and central tower. You might reside in the Martello Tower version version of Irishness. Geoffrey Boycott and Tassoti either in the Kilcolman castle/ Carrick Fergus Castle. And Sydney then would have to be given a tower provided by the state. We all have inherent biasness but there has been increased revisionism over the last decade on the meaning of being Irish. Heaney does a good job at trying to give it a frame of reference now.


Stop speaking English then you clown.


can you answer the question please mate, are the 5/6ths of the Oirish population who didn’t watch the spud hockey not Irish?


No they are not Irish in the true sense of the word.


because they don’t like a game invented by British Landlords?


Nigel Owens is more Irish than them


I think that’s a spelling mistake at the end there.


disastrous TV ratings for the bogball final. down with the spud hockey its that low

A big Ireland football or rugby game is nearly double an all Ireland final


I’d believe it. Fisty bogball in its current guise is finished. Bad enough to have one team dominate it but when that team is the duds people will switch off in their droves.


Agreed but to be as low as the hurling is still a shock



Link ???


Link to what?

707k is the official figure


That many ??


Crikey - that’s twice what I expected.


The GGA is dying.


true , bizarre decision to put money into the 1 county that has no interest in it


Sport is dying. Lads don’t want to play for the FAI. Being strong armed into it. Nobody wants to play full contact rugby.

It’s all PS4 now. That’s the way it’s gone these days.