TV Rights, best avoided


The previous World Cup campaign or on the highlights show maybe. The Nations League games were on Sky Sports and they were the only competitive games Ireland played in 2018. I vaguely recall a friendly against Turkey being on early on a Friday evening on RTE presumably a few weeks before the World Cup


November 2017 when Denmark hammered Ireland in the 2nd leg


Room to Improve is the story here


An English reality TV show being ahead of a bunch of sporting events is fairly depressing


Yes. Not a whole lot of room for improvement for them this year.


Just updating this with the 2017 and 2018 figures respectively. 2018 numbers from Fagan above.


Rugby football: 4
Football: 3
Bogball: 3
Spud Hockey: 1

Rugby football: 4
Football: 4
Bogball: 1
Spud Hockey: 1

Running total;

Rugby football: 21
Football: 18
Bogball: 15
Spud Hockey: 7

Dire reading for the GGA.

It gets worse when you look at the profile of the Top 50 which RTÉ put out this year.

Mrs Brown’s Boys KPIs to follow.


You’ve gotten yourself in an awful knot here with your terminology. 15+7=22. GGA > Rugby football.


Lolz again the GGA crowd have to lump two of their activities together to be relevant. :grin:


Great reading for the scummy soccerball crowd, gga dead and my beloved rugby not able to get near the big football games from 2012 and 2016



How did they accurately compile these figures? Is it on the same scientific basis as an opinion poll?




Somebody is cooking the books here…

Today’s figures make out 43k more watched the game than announced by RTE in the days after the game. Ryle Nugent hasn’t moved across to TAM has he?


Deary me.


Agree Tim, very disappointing to see such poor information, especially with lads getting all giddy about it.


Bless, you don’t know how these figures work.


Go on Tim, indulge me. After most shows with significant viewing figures RTE tweet how many watched and they are largely consistent with TAM figures except for this 1 event. I presume TAM are correct so why did RTE have such a low figure for this game in original tweet?


More people watched Room to Improve mate


Daniel O Donnell is more popular than GGA and soccerball .


Shows how popular soccer is that two foreign teams in a World Cup semi final was the 4th most watched thing in Ireland in 2018


To most oirish soccer fans England aren’t foreign .