Tv Shows & Mini Series (Part 2)

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I have it and thought it very good. It was @Phil_Leotardo who recommended the movie to me

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Chef or Burnt?

Looks like the series was sanctioned on the back of The Bear (just a guess!).
In fairness Boiling Point the movie was excellent. As was Stephen Graham

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Boiling Point

Chef is class

The Boiling Point film was absolutely brilliant I thought. The one shot was just class.

I watched the first episode of the series - and while it’s obviously a slower burner than the film it is still as good as most TV series.

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For anyone who likes the kiwi sense of humour (hunt for wilderpeople,.JoJo rabbit etc) check out Far North. Decent humourous watch about bungling gang importing meth. Based on true story.

Also has Jake the Muss in it, blast from the past


I’ve been watching The Woman in the Wall recently based on trauma from the Magdalene Laundries and Mother and Baby Homes.

Not a bad watch, Ruth Wilson in the lead role is brilliant.

‘Make the man some facking eggs!’


The Boiling Point TV Series is living up to the quality of the original film.


Lioness wasn’t too bad after. Less action and lots of personal stuff. And yer-one isn’t as beautiful as they keep telling her. The ending was good.

Not much of the lovely Nicole in it though.

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I watched Turn Of The Tide after that.
It’s a bit far-fetched and aimed at a younger generation.

Set in the Azores. A place you wouldn’t hear much about.
Mostly Portuguese with subs.

Have you ever seen this clip from some show down under,yer man is obviously still half cut.


The baldy fella was about 10 seconds away from digging the head of your man

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The Long Shadow

A dramatisation of the time when the Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose.

Brilliantly done.

Watched the first episode of the Frasier reboot and it was far better than expected. I expected it to be terrible tbh but it was pretty watchable. Writing ranged from bad to decent. Kelsey Grammar may be a Republican pos but he has the Frasier character down pat 20 years later. Rodney is very good and the ensemble cast is fine with the exception of Niles’s son, who they have written terribly.

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I enjoyed it. Some great lines. Reviews say it gets better a few episodes in once the back story stuff is done.

Very good. Shocking scene in that second episode