Tv Shows & Mini Series (Part 2)

At least he hasn’t got flies in his eyes

Episode 3 was very good. Some great fighting scenes.

Just watched the first 2.Pure shite,like a Wish version of Pearl Harbour. Clichés galore.Should I bother going on with it?

Started watching The Dropout. Bored us to tears.
Pulled after the first episode…

Stick with it. 4th episode is good.

I am reminded of Jerry Seinfeld comment about people recommending him “their show” the whole time and to stick with it as while the first five seasons aren’t great it gets better then

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Fargo season 5 - magic.

Episode 3 was very good… 4 was a filler

Seinfeld was magic
Fantastic characters


He has a new show or movie later this year about the invention of Pop Tarts and how it changed the breakfast game for kids.

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Late to the party but is True Detective worth a spin?
And do have have guest stars on as well or whats the sceal?


True Detective 1 is one of the best one off series ever made.


All four series were completely different. Different casts.
But I’d start at the beginning if I was you…

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I’ve re-watched all three seasons in the past week and am up to date on the new season. Sceal is, 1st season is phenomenal stuff between Harrelson and McConaughey. They use a new cast for every season. Although the rest of the seasons are in my opinion nowhere near the same standard…they’re worth watching once.


I can’t remember much about the first season to be honest but I kept watching.

The second series with Colin Farrell had some good action sequences but some long dour bar room sessions also.

The third series was my favourite. But the ending! All I can say is it had to end somehow.

So looking forward to S4. I’ll download once it’s over. I remember reading years ago that an Aging Jodie Foster was done making action movies. But here she is back running.

She’s doing more riding than running in the few episodes I’ve seen so far

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She has to keep up with the Mare Of Easttown.

Senior hurling now .

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Watched the first two Masters of the Air back to back and done a three peat on 3-5 last night. Feel it’s made for a bit of a binge. Really enjoyed the tempo changes from episode 3 being the course of the one day, episode 4 spread out over a few months and then into the two dayer of episode 5. It’s been excellent so far and tough viewing in places. Some shitshow, some men.