Tv Shows & Mini Series (Part 2)

Damien Lewis should have won an oscar for how he portrayed Winters.

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Not one person did.


I’d hope not.

Masters of the Air had a couple of good episodes at the start and then the Elvis lad got too much screentime so it drifted off. I’d be hard pressed to give it more than a 6/10 compared to Band of Brothers being able to make you forget the cunt from Friends was the biggest protagonist with screentime.

I’d have BoB up there in my top 4 with Sopranos (top dog), The Wire & Michael Chiklis’ The Shield.

I’ve never watched Band of Brothers.

For some reason, I’ve never had a huge interest in World War films or TV shows, even though I was obsessed with early-mid 20th century history in school.

I am going to start into it soon, and report back.

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It’s excellent.


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I meant antagonist but me brain broke apologies.

Sure he isn’t the main protag, Winters is.

You get one word wrong these days, correct yourself and you’re still crucified like Jesus of Nazareth.

A cruel world!

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Four episodes into Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix, it’s mighty stuff. The Aussies make fantastic tellyvision.

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It’s a great aul show. The young lad with the curly hair plays a blinder

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Is American Rust any good?
Looks like my cup of tea.

It’s alright,a solid 7/10

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Latest Curb, brilliant. Leon’s one liners :clap: :clap:

Sugar with Colin Farrell?

Curb :clap: :cry:


What a finale!

Loved it. Some great laughs in it.

I’ve been watching Curb for more than half my life :grimacing:


I’m keeping my eye on it.
Only on the second episode so far….