Tv Shows & Mini Series (Part 2)

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Watched the first episode of new series there. The Mrs had to remind me of all the storylines. Good to see heads still getting bashed etc.


The movie with Harrison ford was good.

Just finished it there this week. Its excellent tbf. Took a few episodes to drag me in, but a real throwback. I enjoyed it immensely.

Started watching the second series of Jimmy McGovern’s Time, this time set in a women’s prison,

Brilliant as to be expected,

The brilliant and beautiful Jodie Whitaker along with a superb performance from an actress called Bella Ramsey.

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I just finished Season 01.
It’s not bad at all.

Slow Horses S4 coming in just 5-6 weeks!


I’ve had this on my list for a long time, I’ll give it a whirl based on your recommendation.

Blazed through Eric there last week, hard to warm to but a solid enough watch as it progressed.

I’d guess it’s nothing like Eric.

It’s slow moving. You’d probably have to live in the Rust Belt to appreciate.

I’ll def watch S02 to see what happens.

What year is this set?

The trailer looks fairly modern but the origan film was the '90s.

I’m done with who-dunnits and mobile phones.

I finished The Americans there.A good show to be fair.
A bit far fetched at times and the daughter got on my nerves for a while but overall a solid 7/10.Ive started rewatching The Wire as I never finished it.Vic Mackey is some buck.


I’ve joined the 1% club.
I’ve 1% battery left on my phone.

I presume not many here are interested in animation, but “Scavengers Reign” is a fairly good, but slow, sci-fi animation in which a number of shipwrecked people are trying to get off a mysterious alien planet. It’s also very creepy.


I wasn’t hugely interested in either animation or sci fi but thought Scavengers Reign was excellent.


popped up as a recommendation of late.

Slow is right but interesting enough,

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