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Programme about Vicky Phelan on RTE one now. Jesus I never would have thought that she was 48. Looked much younger.

Pretty amazing how they could turn over a documentary about her in such a short space of time. She is barely gone a week. Maybe they have been sitting on it for quite some time. I always think its more appropriate to let a certain amount of water to pass under the bridge before screening but thats just my 2 cents.


I’d say this is it. They’ve one ready to go on Charlie Bird as well I imagine

Standard in media

This is a tough watch. She was truly a great woman

Obviously she was strongly involved in the making of it, so maybe it was her wish.

A tough watch is right.

That documentary was done and screened to the public before she died. It got a limited cinema release a month or two ago.

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Quinn on RTE 1 now. Moaning and whinging will be the order of it.

“And now we move onto liars…”

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Nice little documentary on BBC4 on Boris Pasternak right now. Reminder of the type of regime the loony left would like to enact again.

Yer man Peter Burke is literally on both RTE and Virgin at the exact same time :man_shrugging:

Siapan on now

Second part of “The ice cream wars” on bbc2
Had no awareness of this piece of 1980s Scottish history at all

Only Clough knew how to get the best out of an alltime great like Keane. McCarthy and Ferguson were clueless. His career was hampered by their cluelessness

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Documentary/movie on the life of Roberto Duran on Sky Docs right now.
Serious battles incoming…

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4:55 on BBC 1.

How Ireland rocked the 80s on rte 1 now. Some brilliant old footage. Some cunts doing the talking head bit though

Did you see me in any of the clips?

Some under nourished FCA types in the front row at the Dylan Slane concert alright?

Neil Diamond swinging a hurl here!