Twitter Thread Special Edition - Emma Higgins’ Twitter Feed

Juhniallo wanted me to throw up a few more tweets but I didn’t even know where to start. Her Twitter feed is one of the defining cultural monuments of 2018.

Emma Higgins is a Leinster fan but she’s finished with the 49ers, a feminist and possibly a lesbian, I can’t tell. Her Twitter feed makes me very frightened for her and for the country. I voted yes in both referendums and despise Jordan Peterson because he recently said that women who wear make up to work are hypocrites to complain of sexual harassment. He said men are confused as to the rules when women wear make up but he still opposes consent classes.

However I also think that Peterson was right to oppose the trans-gender “hate-speech” legislation that made him famous in the first place. I support free speech over all. So I think that Peterson is a monster of the Canadian’s own making, just by being such a back of brainless dickless cunts.

I never thought that could happen in Ireland because were just not that stupid. I viewed Petersonand the alt-right as something unique to the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world with nothing really relevant to say to Irish culture.

Emma Higgins’ Twitter has me questioning all that. God fucking knows where Irish culture is heading. The next @Tassotti will spend his life retweeting Trump tweets about Roseanne Barr with 5 angry faces and will never discover TFK. I can recognize how she and her mates could become a threat to Irish freedom. She’s got her referendum and now the devil makes work for idle hands.

To get the full impact of this page you’d have to spend a minute or two on it yourself. Sidney would say she spends too much time online.

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What is the significance of the turtle ???

That’s a belter right there!

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I’m late for a stag party, I’ll try to find out when I’m back. She’s a Liverpool fan, maybe we could set her up with @Sidney.

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@FlakeAway and myself have already dealt with the turtle. It’s another victim of male patriarchy

Is she aware of our friendly forum?

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This is priceless.

But then again Emma is great & morally better than all us disgusting men. We don’t understand.

Someone needs to post a link of this to her feed. I’m not on twitter

Definitely not. that type crave attention and they’d be delighted.

cc @anon25556527

The spelling mistakes would be cruelly exposed here.

:eek: A real curve-ball for the lads here.

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Gotta feel for that already dead Tuna. I hear ya Emma.

Totally agree the whole world is fucked.

Ah for fucks sake i often flick on Fawlty Towers for a laugh if i’m flicking channels.

I’d say she was gutted it wasn’t real. Couldn’t give out about it then.