No i wouldn’t, maybe up the arse


If a man did that to a woman he would be accused of egregious bullying.



The snowflake Irish media, epitomised by Beanpole Tubridy and shameless slut Maguire, have only the resolved the will of those of us who are sick of the behaviour of tinkers and lifelong welfare scroungers


Is it possible that the exchange happened exactly as she reported?

Maybe Peter couldn’t understand her orr-chee-ee accent and politely asked “What’s that”?


Or he forgot what it was because he’s fairly thick.

The snowflake snowflake-haters love a good cause though.


Has an apology been offered to Peter?
No doubt RTÉ saying nothing


I am certain that if there were lies told as Peter Casey alleges then RTÉ will issue an apology or Casey will sue and have his (ahem) good character upheld in court.


You are really dumb.


Or maybe he has better things to do. FFS.


The ball is in her court, it’s proven that Pete knew exactly what Direct Provision is but she gets to go on social media to denigrate the man. A disgrace.


Zamparelli has been called out as a liar and gone to ground. Presumably she will sue Casey to restore her (ahem) good character.


Zamparelli is a virtue signalling liar



All she’s good for is unsubstantiated digs, there’s nothing between her ears to argue her nonsense.


He is the Jennifer Zamerelli of this board.


Sword Attack in Finglas

Worth clicking in to that





That’s not the same bird in the vid?



Good grief!