UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


Ultimately the real losers from tonight could be Tottenham.

It looks like “The United Way” just doesn’t cut it anymore.


Morquinios can shift


Sean Dyche’s Burnley are the form side in the EPL.


Dani Alves is amazing


Best performance by psg I can remember a real now without the likes of neymar. Is radiot out for long?


One of the all time greats. Did he move from Seville to Barca in 08?


“Dani Alves is going to try to make a name for himself” Jesus George


Ah lads, united have gotten away with murder tonight


Pogba done something similar v Tottenham


Ah thats a red on its own


Tuchel hates him. He’s of very dubious character altogether. He won’t be playing


Outrageous from Pogba

Delighted for that rat Young.

Edit - Pogba rightly got it


Ashley Young is a bit of a cunt .


Dzeko is a monster in the CL but doesn’t seem to be the same player in Serie A.


Send him off again the cunt


Real small club mentality from Man Utd here


@StoneCold will be seething




hope Psg get a 3rd here


Lies he’s a regular.