UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


Cant keep this pace up. Its relentless


Poor decision, definite foul, Beglin made a balls of calling it in commentary


Jim Beglin is just the worst


Di maria is of dubious character.


If Souness was analysing this he’d be going mental at Pogba. He’s not overly anxious to get back, to say the least, when Paris get the ball.


Di Maria is an incredibly strange footballer. Every touch he makes could be unbelievable or absolutely shocking


Dzeko off the post. So unlucky, wonderful play from Fazio in the buildup.


Jesus! Ashley Young could be gone now


Should be a second yellow


That’s a nasty fucking act


Martial is very overrated. Hopefully sanchez catches fire tonight.


Ashley Young is of dubious character


Wanker. He knew what he was doing there.


Had to be a yellow there


Young is a despicable fucker.


Lovely from young. Never a yellow.


He hasn’t been great for United but that’s very harsh


I generally don’t wish ill on a sportsman but I hope Young gets done here


Going on tonight’s evidence, Ashley Young would fit in just fine in Tyrone intermediate Gaelic football.


Zaniolo not as effective on the right hand side as through the middle.