Uk affairs - Sterling is taking a Pounding

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@Lazarus I read she gave a speech at the UN the other day all about UK foreign policy and the priorities for the UK and its partners. There was no one at it. Biden and Zelenskyy had spoken that that day and no one was interested. While she was talking Biden was hosting a reception for world leaders across town. That’s their place in the world now.

Biden even dismissed it as nonsense recently, “I’m sick of trickle down economics” or something to that effect. Truss had to come out and say it’s not trickle down economics.

An awful lot of biden mentions in this post.

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‘Growth’ is the new ‘levelling up’.

Bank of England trying to curb inflation and Lizzie throwing petrol into the flames.

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Article today reckons interest rate may need to hit 7% to curb inflation. No wonder Lizzie wants control of the MPC.

What’s the response like to the mini budget?



5% tax cut for the wealthiest. A mighty sound gesture by Liz.

Ah the poor will love her for it.

I hate “wow” tweets like this. When I hear something like “the value of the pound is plummeting at warp speed” I want to read something like “ten minutes ago £1 was equal to €1, now £1 is equal to €0.10”.

I’ve decided that £1 = €0.67 is my price persuasion point for paying the £9 for the live stream of tonight’s exceedingly attractive Tyrone SFC double header.

It’s a pretty wow mkment for anyone doing business with people in Sterling to be fair. Admittedly not so wow if your chief concern is the price of a tyrone double header.

Buying a live stream to a Tyrone SFC double header is doing business with people in sterling.

It’s not your business.

It’s doing business.

Good man. Stock up on the football special and knock yourself out. 67 approaches.

What’s up your ass this morning? I simply pointed out that buying a live stream of a Tyrone SFC double header for GBP£9 is doing business.

Which it is.

Yeah, going to the shop for a pint of milk is big business.


Now ask him which currency that is against

Is it Rubles ? Its still stronger than the euro…

I was about to call the accountant