Uk affairs - Sterling is taking a Pounding

‘Unwise but not illegal.’

Like something that political character in Little Britain would come out with.

She’s unrale

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It’s frowned upon

I’d say this one might run for a bit alright.

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

There’s some very serious stuff to come out

Oh? Yet to have a gawk. I’d say he’s an awful deviant.

Its nearly as fast moving as the Harry threads, they had the bastard called out ages ago

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I never really loved you anyway

I don’t think Holly is out of the woods yet. What did she know and when did she learn it. She hardly only got new information in the last few weeks.

As a learned colleague has already pointed out above - it’s all been a PR exercise to save her and disassociate her from Schofield.

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When you look like that you always have a great chance of surviving these shit storms

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Take that back, pal.

I won’t read a bad word typed about Holly.

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Electronic passport gates fail at all Britain’s major airports

Half-term holidaymakers face long queues as nationwide system crash plunges border checks into chaos

ByAlex Barton27 May 2023 • 10:58am

Passengers at Bristol Airport face lengthy queues at the check-in desks as the half-term weekend getaway begins

Half-term travel chaos threatened to engulf UK airports as electronic passport gates across the country failed nationwide.

All airports across the country using the gates are affected after a system crash on Friday, with passengers returning to the UK facing delays.

The issue means those flying in are having their passports checked manually.

The Home Office said it was “working hard” to resolve the issue “as quickly as possible” but could not give a timeframe amid the threat of the issue “snowballing” as half-term looms.

“We are aware of a nationwide border system issue affecting arrivals into the UK,” a spokesman said.

“We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and are liaising with port operators and airlines to minimise disruption for travellers.”

Border Force has “robust plans in place” to “support passenger flow and to help minimise disruption, wait times and queues” at the border, the spokesman added.

The trade numbers for gb must be well down.
I see a few businesses in electrical and electronics.
They have more or less stopped sourcing from gb due to cost, availability and logistics delays.

Can get components from Spain or Lithuania delivered Friday morning for a Wednesday evening order but it takes at least a week to get it from Hampshire or Bristol.

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Two lads with a stick in Dublin Castle…800 hundred years

Pal of mine ordered servers from UK. The budget was 70k or so. He gets a call from customs for 25k extra.

As he says himself I’ll have to climb through cat flap to bosses office and we’ll pay it but that’s the last order.

This sounds like horseshit pal. What server manufacturer operates out of the UK but not Ireland or the rest of Europe?


No idea. I’ll challenge him on that when I see him.

Eamonn Holmes is using this opportunity to get himself back in the limelight. Expect he’ll get a new show out of it

The country falling apart and this is all they’re worried about.