UK general election 2019 - corbinned

December 12th the Brits go to the polls with a choice between two morons.
Labour don’t know what they stand for at the moment. Johnson can claim he’s “delivered” Brexit which should be enough to see off the right wingers.
Labour, Lib Dem’s, Greens etc will cut each other’s throats on the other side.

Boris in the lead for me, but the man is a moron and six weeks or so of him in the spotlight, debates etc will give him umpteen opportunities to make a fool of himself.
If labour had anyone other than Corbs they’d walk this


Fuck em.

Let’s get Brexit done.

The rich will just get richer…

Every year I ask Santa for the 6 counties back. I’ve always thought it was because I’m a prick I never got it. This year Boris might give it to me.

Fuck Santa IRA

It’s like that old joke.

When I was young I used to pray for a new bike but it never came. Then I got older and realised that’s not how things worked. So I stole the bike and prayed for forgiveness instead

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I hope it was not Runty’s bike you took

Too small for me

On January 31st 2020 the UK will leave the EU.

Deal or no deal

Let’s just get it done.

I wonder is the Grenfell report Boris Johnson’s equivalent of Theresa May’s Manchester bomb

If the report points the finger at the fire brigade, pinning blame on first responders will not go down well, the blame will and should shift to those who were in power who were responsible for the fire brigade service being inadequately prepared

And that’s Johnson, because he was London Mayor from 2008 to 2016 and oversaw swingeing cuts to London fire brigade servicces

Expect to see more of this video

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The Eton set are “blue collar” Tories, says gobshite Fraser Nelson on Newsnight

Claire Hanna is on Spotlight on BBC WS here

Can’t see any odds yet for WS constituencies

But I imagine she’ll be a tasty enough price for Belfast South

Think she has a great chance of taking that seat off the DUP’s Little Pengelly

She has a high profile and is young, dynamic and progressive

There’s enough cunting threads about the UK without having another one spamming the board.

@Bandage, merge the fuckers.

Heidi Allen is not standing

That’s disappointing because as well as being easy on the eye, she actually came across as a decent human being - it’s hard to believe she was ever in the Tories, I think she came to the realisation that she had been in the wrong party for a long time

Certainly a lot better than whatever Brexit-loving plank will get her seat

Jezza Jezza Jezza

Labour Labour Labour

It’s a long time til December.

Conservatives will be about Brexit!

Nigel’s Brexit party could take some northern Labour voters but probably some off Tory’s too.

Labour will turn it into a policy campaign.
Laura Piddock will be front and centre of that campaign.

Could food banks, knife crime, NHS, schools, firefighters (Grenfell), zero hour contracts, become relevant??

@flattythehurdler, @Tassotti

Could Labour actually win this thing?

Could be a very different political landscape in Northern Ireland after this election, lots of seats up for grabs.
Be gas if John Finucane unseated Nigel Dodds.