Uncivilised travellers

Short story
Cluid social housing ,
Travellers -
Couple -3 kids moved into our park 10 days ago.
Law dragged the mammy out of the gaff yesterday,
Scummy daddy ( Faulkner-Spring lane )
89 convictions so far - he’ was taken last week after batin shite out of her🙄

He’s out chopping wood at 1-2-3 in the morning,
Etc etc
His immediate neighbours are in for a move
As are 3 other households who’ve been there 25 years,
Absolutely uncivilised scum
No regard ir respect for anyone, anything,
Don’t give a fuck about ppl calling he out as a racist etc ref this topic,
But they’re a different breed totally,
Don’t work
Cause hassle everywhere they go


We’re getting ourselves into a situation where we’re going to see the divide between indigineous and non-indigenous grow here, like in Australia. There’s no cash jobs left, only selling drugs, storing drugs and stealing. We need to find a way to keep the children in school until they’re 18, and strictly hold the parents (all parents) accountable with harsh punishments if they disregard the rules. It won’t solve the entire problem, but it’d be a start. The jails are full of them. Europe (Sweden included), The U.S, Australia is full of them conning the elderly with tarmac and roofing scams, and dragging the nation’s reputation through the dirt. Something has to be done to change the direction in which so many of them are going.


Its getting to the point where local action groups need to be set up to keep scum in line

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The 1%

It’s the norm in their society
It’s accepted
That’s the stake of it,
And thus stupid machismo crap that’s instilled in all makes from a vv young age,
Education or conformity isn’t on the agenda,
And the lefties make the situation worse,
No one wants to address it

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It works when it has to
And if situations demand someone or organisation has to take on the responsibility

Can you swing a sack of doorknobs?

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I seen the life expectancy figures of males within the traveller community. Frightening. Poor diet, no exercise, alcohol/drug abuse. Ridiculous amounts of suicides in the men over 40’s. I seen two what looked to be sisters, homeless in Dublin city centre at Christmas, in the early-ish stages of the dark descent into hard drug use, and unmistakably traveller when they spoke. Yeah, sometimes I feel like Pavee Point is doing more harm than good to their own people, enabling dysfunction as opposed to helping their people adapt to a changing world.


That only starts when they hit 14/15 after they quit the boxing.Its all downhill from there.


Pretty much. The culture of them doing call out videos is probably the cringiest thing this country has ever produced. I never, in all my years of working in Dublin met one of them working on a building site. The only fella I ever seen making an honest buck was a young fella who used to play a bit of trad music in the Celt on Talbot St, many moons ago.

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There was one lad at home, a right tough nut. Got into the haulage business and runs a few trucks. He hates the carry on of the rest of the crew.


Anyone got any positive stories about them?

They run the ballymount civic waste depot near me. Serious operation, do well over a couple mill in revenue from charges fees and then reselling the separated waste.

Would imagine few more from their community run similar elsewhere in the country?


I’ve noticed a lot more videos on social media over the last 18 months of travellers having confrontations with people they have conned with shoddy workmanship in places like the US, Australia, NZ and even mainland Europe. They are obviously spreading their wings past Ireland and the UK. Those markets obviously somewhat wise to them by now. Saw a video last week where some yank pulled a gun out in the middle of a row with some of them over unfinished work.

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Good on him

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I have
Know one guy living in Mahon
All kid’s went to school
He works
Stays away from the rest of them
Drives a rust bucket
And despairs of his fellow travellers who cause nayhem


Good to hear that there are a few positive instances of folk trying to set a good example.

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I doubt they’re trying to set an example, just happy to get away from the absolute shower of degenerate Cunts

I went to school with a few decent travellers
Different breed
Normal ppl
Dead now