Unpopular opinions or views you hold

Serious teams there. Lucio and Juan would be Brazils only weaklink there - and that is being very harsh.

Abidal was a great player as well


Agreed. Forgot that cafu played that world cup for some reason inthough he retired from international after 2002. What age was he then must have been mid to late 30s?

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I think he was 34 in that world cup. Could be completely wrong. He was definitely in his 30’s. A sensational player.

*He was 32.

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Eir have possibly the best customer service to deal with through their customer service number.

International football is a far lower standard than highest level club football.

Needy post



That’s not an unpopular opinion, wrong thread I think.

Less of a disparity though. Everyone can dare to dream in international football. In the space of 5 years Belgium went from being ranked about 70th in the world to having a star studded team.

To an extent. 8 countries have won World Cup in its history.

But the old established teams are dying out. New coaching techniques making the game more even. They’ll be a ninth this year.

Sleepy Eamon is a competent minister


A bold shout. Who are you tipping?

8 different winners from 21 tournaments isn’t too bad I suppose. Probably more variety in Euro winners with the likes of Denmark, Greece, USSR and Czechoslovakia.

I’ll tip Belgium and Portugal.

Declan Rice is a nothing player. How he is apparently worth 150 million is beyond me.

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I love you bro

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Gareth Southgate is right not to be bowing to the media mob regarding Phil Foden and Trent Alexander Arnold.


Phil and Trent will have their time and place but you don’t win the World Cup going balls out

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Pat Kenny was outstanding as LLS host. Especially the awkwardness of the toy show