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Saw a clip of Inglorious Basterds the other day. Been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while, Tarantino doing WWII, gotta be worth a look anyway.

Didnt think much of the trailer though, Pitts accent is fucking nuts, not sure what to make of it.

I see Spielberg and Jackson have lined up to do TinTin in live action, should be worth a looksie also, very early stages yet.

Cameron is unleashing Avatar this summer as well. God only knows that that will be, but you can take it as read that it wont be small anyway.

Terminator Salvation is due this year, McG doing Terminator, an unholy alliance right there, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this, but the trailer doesnt look bollocks and in Bale I trust.

I’m sure there’s more than a few I’ve left out.

Transformers 2. Haven’t seen any clips from it yet but Megafox is in it so its a winner.

Fuck that was the other one I forgot, Transformers was a cracking no brainer summer movie, hoping for more of the same from this one.

Just seen the trailer to Sherlock Holmes, fucking hell that looks good.


Well I See this thread took off…

Just saw a trailer for THe Hangover, looks funy.

Saw Role Models the other day, funny shit. Paul Rudd is class.

[quote=“myboyblue”]Well I See this thread took off…

Just saw a trailer for THe Hangover, looks funy.

Saw Role Models the other day, funny shit. Paul Rudd is class.[/QUOTE]

Thought it was very poor myself, a poor man’s Stepbrothers

Rudd is quality though, raises the standard of any film he’s in by one star. Scott was decent too, even if he’s still playing stiffler, stiffler is a decent one trick for a pony to have.

The premise of the film and the actors should have made it funnier than it was. I suppose I was expecting more from it

Thought it was shite myself…Step brothers wasn’t much better either…

Didn’t think a whole lot of the trailer for The Hangover but it’s gotten phenomenal reviews in the US. Looking forward to seeing it now. There’s been pure shite out the last few weeks so it’ll be nice to have a reason to head to the old picturehouse again.

Terminator franchise should have been left alone after the second one. Salvation has decent set pieces and action in it, but story wise, its balls and the acting is almost non-existent. Flogging money out of a near dead horse.

Saw that Inglorious Basterds there today. Really enjoyed it. Hadn’t read any reviews/previews etc which helped I think. Plenty of very odd scenes but it’s very funny in places, and importantly works well on a plot level too.


What the fucking hell was that?
What the fuuuucking hell was that?

Looks weird. At least he’s trying to do something original.
He needs to succeed to save the film industry from their vacuum of ideas and ridiculous over reliance on comic books, sequels and remakes.

Its a little out there thats for sure. Cameron could be gone off the reservation, or could have come up with the greatest thing ever, I think it might be the former to be honest. Hard to tell much from that trailer though. There was a 20 min screening Cineworld on Friday night but I didnt make it.

Would agree with this.

Crazy movie but I really enjoyed it. Some great characters in it.

some stills of iron man 2 have been released. scarlet johansson as the black widow, nice.

That’s MBB’s cue to deliver the goods…

he must be asleep at the keyboard, theres only 2 pics


nothing to se the world alight, this is what theyre aiming for


Went to GI Joe at the weekend. Not a great movie but it was one of the kid’s birthdays. Some good effects and action sequences but some serious plot holes etc.

Only mention it because there were a couple of nice ladies in it, best one being Scarlett (a.k.a. Rachel Nichols):