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Strong Loki vibe from that

Just in time for Pattys Day, this will clean up, and could put Lindsay back on top.

Sounds like one for the roaster thread.

This seemingly is going to be a big disappointment :confused:

Visually stunning but the storyline might be one for purists.

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Fuck the day trippers mate, this one is for us

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I know I’m going to love it and watch it ten times

Danny Huston has one of the great modern movie voices

It’s been advertised for what feels like about 4 months.

Should be good - Costner loves the Western stuff and he wouldn’t be getting involved in any ould shite

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Silverado is an unappreciated classic

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Looking forward to seeing Iron Claw. I know bits and pieces of the story. Has been getting decent reviews.


I’m calling it - that’ll be shite. And I love Westerns but that’s a flop.

Eh have you seen his Wyatt Earp?

No but Open Range is an excellent movie as is the aforementioned Silverado.
Dances With Wolves too, he has form.

I watched Oppenheimer last night.

It’s probably a good and well made movie but I personally didn’t enjoy it so much.
It’s very long an all that stuff about the commies just bored me to tears.

I’ll not be transferring it to my favourites section.

brother anyone GIF


It’s very good. Zac Efron is great in it.

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