US Politics II To Trump or not to Trump

The condescension from Watters toward Juan WIlliams is incredible.


Christ that was some meltdown

Everything is a rant out of him. It’s his default mode.

If Kanye runs, he takes ALL of the black dem supporters.
Not some, not most, fuckin all of them.
Half of this is a skit. Has to be.

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Yeah, I reckon half of em must be laughing their holes off after the end of the show

It really doesn’t matter a fuck which the US president is. Trump has proved that. I reckon Biden is the only candidate in history who is stupid enough to be dangerous

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In the current environment, which is dominated by hard-left “cancelling” tactics, how is Super Slow Sleepy Creepy Quid Pro Joe still standing? Several women have alleged sexual assault, unwanted sexual advances, and inappropriate touching against Biden.

In 2019 he boasted about how well he was able to compromise with racist, segregationist politicians in the 1970s and 80s. Add to that the fact that he sponsored a racist bill in the 70s that would have limited the federal government’s power to enforce school desegregation. The former KKK leader, Robert Byrd, is Joe’s “friend” and “mentor”.

But Joe Biden gets a pass. Why? Because Orange Man BAD!

It’s utterly bizarre. Some lad joe rogan had on said the plan is to get him elected, then have him fall apart only for the previously unelected and unelectable VP to step in. It’s as plausible as anything else I suppose

Tucker on the ball again

Kayleigh is unreal- I’d drink her bath water

The Don with a zinger here. He is a wum extraordinaire

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Katie Hopkins will be heartbroken

She gets it. She lives in real world where women have cycles and a shelf life.

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Looks like the don is calling a “99” already in the election. Play the man and not the ball

Great ad. Right wing values have been hijacked by psycopathic fruitcakes, you don’t need to look beyond this very forum for evidence of that, good to see they are finally making attempts to disown this murky affliction


I see the latest insanity (after masks) appears to be reopening schools. Trump obviously wants them open so now lots of voices on the left are moaning.

That is very informative . I just learned there was never inequality , racism , economic vandalism or a perfidious foreign policy in the USA until Donald Trump became President .

Thanks for this