US politics - The Don v Ally McBeal.Single,Successful falling Apart

That message is bordering on perfection really.

I wonder if he’ll be able to find work now he’s free

Commuting of sentence rather than pardon as a pardon would imply guilt.
Would like to know what Stone has on Trump.

Stone has been Trumps advisor and friend for decades long before politics. He knows things about the Don the man himself isn’t even aware of.

It’s a bit of an oddity that man can be convicted of lying to officials over a crime that never happened of course.


Another fella who for some reason thinks that he should be allowed publish things that he knows could lose him his job anonymously on an online forum and not suffer any repercussions. A mad idea.

I wonder has he created a new username to whinge about the injustice of it all and come back more racist than ever?

Here @Tierneevin1979 , what’s the store with Paul Ryan these days? Always struck me as a potential future president.

Why didn’t he call the FBI?


Less than conclusive is a hell of a euphemism

The New York Times is about as reliable as Waterford Whispers these days.


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Jesus the whole Russian collusion thing has been a nightmare for the Dems.

This is real leadership, Meehole take note.

@Tierneevin1979 are unions still strong in the private sector over there? I’m listening to Biden here talking about creating "high paying union jobs "

Depends on the industry, lots of decent union jobs in skilled labor industries. Unions would be largely unheard of in technology.

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Trump launching another panzer attack on Ch-ina tonight

Meehole was taking notes.

Cuomo’ and Biden after getting a blast there now

That Fox news weirdo Tucker Carlson, who appeals to a certain type of poster on here, being forced to take gardening leave becasue his chief staffwriter exposed as a racist scumbag