US Presidential Election 2020

This will be a big one. The Demorcats will have to move away from the centre and back to the Left in a bid to win back the youth, mobilise the minorities and empower the Middle classes once again.

Sanders and Clinton will be too old and the clamor for Michelle Obama to run is slightly ridiculous.

It’s already bound to be more of the same great craic with the candidacy of Donald Trump (almost) definite.



I cant fucking wait for this.

2020 will be box office.

I cant wait for @fitzy to give his early assessment, he was so close to being right back on the 2016 election thread.


Obama’s ability to introduce Sharia law by the end of his term.

Chelsea Clinton is the obvious candidate.

I’d imagine the Clinton name is a bit mucky in Democrat circles. This familial entitlement is more than a little annoying.
I think they learned it from the macentees

I’m not sure if Trump will look for a second term. The chase is always better then the catch. He strikes me as the sort that might get bored of it after 1 term. Particularly if he has trouble pushing his policies through. I reckon he’ll pack it in. Not necessarily good news for the republicans though. They have ripped themselves apart during this campaign and names like Paul Ryan who would have been considered an absolute banker is now left if interested to try and ando reunite a party that has split three ways.

As regards the democrats, I think they’ll look outside. An outside shot is George Clooney.

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Donald will pass the torch to Sarah Palin in four years.

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Not a hope

I reckon he’ll pass something to her over the next four years.


Probably a bit soon for Di Caprio alright to run on a save the world platform


Clooneys name has come up on more then one occasion. All this talk about Michelle OBama can be shelved. She needed Hillary to win and get a seat in cabinet to have half a chance

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Clooney is a lightweight, with his trophy human rights lawyer wife.

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I’m not saying he is or isn’t a lightweight. I’m just saying his name has been mentioned. An awful lot depends on Trump and do how he gets on. Would love to hear the views of @labane1917 on this thread

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Not as crazy as it sounds, but probably too soon for her, she’s only 36. She needs to build up a bit of a political career first, and get away from the tainted Clinton Foundation (in fairness to her the WikiLeaks disclosures suggest she was concerned about some of its activities).

Ivanka versus Chelsea in 2024 or 2028.

Not necessarily, President-elect Trump has never been a public representative or a member of Government

Ivanka will be an unbeatable candidate in 2020 or 2024.

@labane1917 any chance of a few bullet points of what activities the Clinton foundation were up to that tainted them and had Chelsea concerned?