Useless cagers and annoying habits

Covered a good bit already on these boards, and it is a real pet hate of mine (and of may more here too, especially farmer). But I think all those useless cunts on the roads out there deserve a thread of their own to parade their own idiocy.

Share you stories of idiots on the road, close calls, unbelievable manoueveres, get it off your chest if some cunt ran you off the road.

One thing I hate about drivers in this country is that the majority of them havent a clue how to use roundabouts.

Also, what prompted me to start this thread, why does putting your hazard lights on mean you can just park the car wherever you want. Oh, I need to stop on a busy road, I know, I’ll put my hazard lights on and it’ll be ok. Idiots.

I was in New Ross and the streets there are real shit, narrow one way streets through the town. What does the dickhead in front do? Stops at an ATM, puts on the hazard lights and queues up to get out money. Right in the middle of the street. There was a line of cars behind, and everyone was blowing their horns, yer man just turning his head and trying to ignore them. I was getting pissed off so I got out of the car and made shapes to go to his. that got a reaction out of him anyway and he shouting hey hey at me. I told him to move his fucking car or I will, a very idle threat from me as I had no intention of moving his car or doing anything at all. He moved it anyway, the clown, and parked in a space about 200 yards up the street.

people who seem to think that the fast lane on the duel caraigeway is for cruising along in…

What pisses me off is twats trundling along in the fast lane of a motorway blocking up traffic and forcing everyone to undertake them dangerously. These people are utterly clueless arseholes and shouldn’t have a licence. The left lane is the default lane, you can’t just sit in the outside lane to your hearts content. It’s for overtaking.

Beat me to it Pukey.

What drives me totally apeshit in the car is people that don’t know what lane to be in on roundabouts and the biggest culprits, the do gooders that think it’s the right thing to do to let cars off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem letting a car off in front of me when your only doing 1 mile an hour, but when your doing a nice pace and then the fella in front of you decides to stop and wave out the other person, not only does it almost cause an accident, but it slows down traffic later on in the day

if your post wasn’t so long winded you would have beaten me:p…

but thats the thing, its not the FAST lane, its the overtaking lane, and its a big misconception in this fooking country that it is called a fast lane. so that gives clowns the idea that as long as they are doing the speed limit, then they have a right to be in the ‘fast lane’. The amount of times I’d be travelling on dual carriageways etc and I’d pull back into the left lane, and its nearly pointless every time because traffic just stays in the overtaking lane and its nigh on impossible to get back into it coz people just perch there and are happy to travel the whole way in that lane.

People who approach a roundabout with the intention of driving straight on but who indicate right. Boils my piss.

Also got hit head on by a drunk woman driver who subsequently pissed herself, fell asleep and then tried to drive off when the cops arrived but thats another story for another day.

Don’t forget that those geniuses in the “fast lane” think they are doing the right thing by being there cause they are doing the speed limit of 100 km/ph, not realising that they are only doing 90 cause of their speedo

Was the drunk bird good looking?

She was a 2 o clock bird. Baby seat in the back though so dangerous ground.


Also got hit head on by a drunk woman driver who subsequently pissed herself, fell asleep and then tried to drive off when the cops arrived but thats another story for another day.[/quote]

there was a crash down the road from the family home last week…some auld one that was langers crashed into a young fella…she had over a bottle of vodka drank but the cute hoor jumped into the pasenger seat before the guards came and told the guards she wasn’t driving and that someone else must have been and then ran off when they crashed but she couldn’t remember the exact details as she was too pissed…fucking chancer…

you not a fan of the ready made family mac…

Some of them set themselves up as God too and sit right on the limit and feel they are doing everyone a favour by blocking fellas who might go a bit quicker behind them. I think the relevant agencies aren’t doing enough to educate people about the outside lane and it’s appropriate use. Of course the fact that all the auld wans on the road today didn’t have to do a driving test exaccerbates the problem.

I hope she gets jail. Of course she won’t though. Probably sue for police harassment.

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a lot to be said for the session on the tuesday with the childrens allowence;)…

I’ll take your word on it!

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