Vaccine Numbers Log Thread

Let’s keep all reports, true or false, on vaccination numbers from any country in here …

Israel 250k up and winning.
The tans are gonna ramp it up in the coming days and want 2m in a month.

Ireland hoping to hit 20k a week but no weekend work.


Be not be afraid child , the Lord will look after you . I have it and put my trust in him ,I’m feeling fine slight soar throat and a cough . Dunno what plans he has for you tho . You’ve been bad this Christmas. Could be a chastisement for you …

Keep track as a % of population or in keeping with covid stats so far as a vaccinations/ per 100k number


Piss on an open wound it does the job

Still zero

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Israel have over 5% of their population done

Be great if they got a bad batch

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Benchmark set

How have they accessed vaccine. Seems no constraint on doses there

I have no idea but Israel is a good comparison with ireland. A population of 8.8 million and a wealthy modern economy with a small land mass. They a have an ambitious plan and are hitting targets

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Looks like they offered themselves as a trial run for the shipment and distribution of the vaccine to Pfizer. Somebody had to be first but no doubt that their close relationship with the US helped sway any decisions.


No one is saying we have to be Israel , we have a cohort of Israelis in the north of this island already… But we can always aim higher and the jewdogs are showing higher numbers than we are aiming for can be achieved.

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Are we on one yet?

We are go.

Bloomberg are onto you

Me and Mike are tight

7 done.


Christmas 2021 is gonna be off the chain