Versus Murexico - 28 July 2009

farmer is badly exposed here.

A dropping offence?

Let’s just say the chairman has no fondness for brown envelopes.

[quote=“myboyblue”]farmer is badly exposed here.

A dropping offence?[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately not. Whilst I have no respect for his work ethic, his personality, his height, his birthplace, his intelligence etc. we have to base our decisions on football reasons and Farmer in in the squad on merit tomorrow.

Motivational songs for tomorrow night:

How did team TFK come through the night, slept well I hope?

I had a difficult sleep but that’s nothing new for me ahead of big games. Some atmosphere around town this morning. The local support really seem to be getting behind the onliners.

I didn’t sleep well, I never sleep well.

Take heart bandage

Just over an hour and a half to the announcement of the starting line-up. Nervous times.

All roads lead to Booterstown tonight for the 9.30 k.o as TFK will certainly be in the eye of a media hurricane:cool:! Sophis, as one would expect will overcome Inter Borgia with ease, the gap thereby reducing to one point when we take six off the mexican shower:guns:.

All matches are important at this stage of the season but this one is just MASSIVE.

I fully expect Sophis to take three points off Inter Borgia tonight meaning we will be 7 points adrift as we kick off. As most people know tonights game is a genuine 6 pointer meaning if we fail to win we are out of the title race, a draw means we’re 5 adrift and a defeat means we’re 7 adrift. We’ve had a fantastic run and to blow it at this stage would be devastating for players like Rocko, Fats and Smelly who are approaching the end of their careers. Let’s roll.

has the team naming been delayed or just not been shown to the public seeing as it was to be named at 14.30 …

Tinnion starts, nothing else matters, close this thread.

An attacking line up favoured by the coach obviously from the off this evening.

Let’s just hope it pays off.

Hope is nothing though. It is about belief.

It will pay off.

I’ve read Farmer’s implied criticism of myself and my defence above and I’m determined his divisive influence will not adversely affect our team. That’s a strong team from back to front and everywhere else in between - we attack and defend as a slick, committed unit.

Sorry you feel like that but it was never intended as a criticism.

What I meant was that Rocko has selected himself there and he likes to push on up into midfield and beyond.


Rocko has obviously gone with Tinnion from the start with a view to getting a good 10/12 minutes out of the veteran when he’ll then retire to the bench and be replaced by genuine quality in the shape of Smelly, Farmer and Arshavin23.

Starting line-up:

Stevie G
Cesc 4

Reminds me of the time Ossie Ardiles played four up front for Spurs in the mid-90s, that is all out attack.

Posting from the dressing room here, great fucking atmosphere outside.

Half time

TFK 1 Murexico 2

fuck it anyway