+1 (one) on the Garmin Vivoactive.

I have mine over 3 years now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down or battery degradation or anything like that. A really good all-rounder of a watch, very happy with it.

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I found my one buggy as fuck, with poor enough battery. Must have just been one of a poor batch

I’ve the Forerunner 235, which i got 2nd hand two years ago. The battery is brilliant on it.

Is there any such thing as a smart watch you could get calls/texts/WhatsApps on but not have your phone with you? Do all of the €100 plus ones support being able to pay for things with them?

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No afaik, might be wrong but mine certainly needs my phone nearby

Changed to Google jobbie,I like it, better battery than apple watch
Apple better for gym etc

You need an eSIM and something else like the ability to clone it or something.

Whilst eSIMs are available here none of the providers have enabled the ability to clone them and use it in a watch. Believe Comreg has given them an instruction to do so but will be 2024 by the time it’s available I think.

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What’s the best value for round 150 to 200? Just need GPS, ability to contactless pay and possibly load music onto it

Had been considering getting one myself but the basic watch I have is more than sufficient for my plodding around at the moment.

Garmin Forerunner 245 is mentioned above. The Music version is listed at 190 and 220 on Amazon and seems to have what you are looking for. Not sure what the difference in prices is about, I wouldn’t say you would go too far wrong with it anyway.

@backinatracksuit is the running accessory expert so could advise better.

There’s something nice about a mechanical watch. Low tech, classy, satisfying to wind. Rubbish for paling though.


I don’t know much about watches to be honest, I have the Forerunner 245 and it’s a grand watch, suits me fine


Whatever suits :+1: