Waterford Hurling (now incorporating intermediate football) 2013 and subsequent years

First round SHC this weekend.

Mount Sion 0-20 Ballygunner 0-17
De La Salle 1-18 Ballyduff Upper 1-13
Fourmilewater0-17 Lismore 1-13
Dungarvan 5-15 Roanmore 1-10
Tallow 3-8 Ring 0-10
Passage 4-15 Abbeyside 1-14

Had the Sion many imports ?

None would you believe.

All the auld lads?

The auldest of them all, Tony played wing back. Eoin McGrath played. Ken has retired and is a coach now. Anthony Kirwan, who rather embarrassed Brian Lohan one fine day in 1998, is now the manager.

Does m white still play?

What’s the eoin Kelly status these days?

Not for a few years now kid.

Still banging them in for Passage.

The fcuker , be more appropriate giving him a mention on the woman who went missing 10 years ago thread

I didn’t think he was implicated in that now?

De La Salle 4-17 An Rinn 0-11

Abbeyside 1-15 Mount Sion 1-18

We’re back baby.

Cnoc Sion win again. Qualify for quarters. Ballygunner hosed by Abeyside. Lismore hammer Tallow in local derby.

Fagan what did you make of the game last week? The final score line wasn’t a fair reflection. I know Ryan was disappointed in Waterford fitness and I don’t think well meet a hb like like yours for sometime either. I hope Ryan gets a win in the qualifiers as with ohalloran and Daniels back I think yell come right back into it with a little more composure up front

I thought Waterford were shit and Ryan looked like a man looking at a hole in a ditch in the second half.

Who would you have taken off? Fives and omahony ? Panel was pretty depleted in terms of known performers ( mullane, molymphy , Daniels etc). I hear the knives are out alright.

brian ohal;loran twisted his ankle against limerick in the challenge and that injury took him off the field in the championship game. It was a huge boost for us though little has been made of it. the difference in class between ohalloran and barry is huge

Yeah he’s a huge talent

Waterford had a great manager but didn’t appreciate him. Now Clare are benefitting.

Something absolutely scurrilous happened in Waterford over the weekend in the passage roanmore game re rigged gambling.

I’ll give O’Dowd until COB today to come up with some sort of official/fudged Waterford explanation before I blow the lid on this