Wedding Etiquette

Couldn’t find an appropriate thread to seek forum feedback on wedding related queries.

I’m attending a wedding tomorrow and I have a couple of questions as follows:

  1. What are the current trends regarding cash gifts? What’s standard? What’s overly generous? What’s mean?

  2. Do you hand over the card on the day itself? If so, at what stage?

If you’re going on your own, then €100 in a card given to the best man when you see him. If you are going with a partner, then €150 is acceptable.

What is the etiquette as regards when and where to present non-cash gifts?

Is it in the Four Seasons Bando?

  1. Around the 200 mark

  2. I would normally hand it to over before the meal, normally sortly after the Wedding party has arraved at the hotel, it is also acceptable to give the card to the Best Man to pass on as opposed to the couple if you don’t have the chance as it is one of the responsibilities of the Best Man safeguard these

could be tricky at a Limerick wedding, the best man would usually be an ex-con :lol: :pint:


Thanks for the replies so far but please keep them coming. I’ll be working out an average later based on replies received by 10pm. However, I’ll be adapting the usual average calculation method to give more weighting to respected posters’ replies.

What kind of cunt gets married at Christmas… As if people haven’t enough to be forking out on at this time of year. While it won’t make much difference to some one as affluent as Bandage, not everyone will be so well off.


Anywhere between €200-250 is acceptable.

At least €5000 is acceptable.

Typical, it’ll be the happiest day of this couples life and selfish cunts like you just think of themselves.

Its ok to hand the card to a best man or member of the wedding party. On occasion its also acceptable to post it on afterwards.

A cunt gave me a cheque in a card on our wedding day. Had a message from the bank when we returned from honeymoon, the cheque bounced. What a cunt

€100 per person. More if they are a good friend or close relative.

I’m presuming you’re going as a single man? 100 if you don’t know em that well. 150 if you’re tight as hell. 200 if it’s Rocko/Dunph.

for the amount this fcuker will put away 400 wouldnt cover it

200 is standard,300 for a friend, 400 min for close relative, very good friend. That is my scale.

200 bando mate.

An ould cunt of an aunt of mine gave me 20 euro on my wedding day. I fcuked it back at her at a family get together the following day and I filled to the gills with porter.

A bag of bundy buns and a couple of onions will suffice tomorrow.

Yer man got the cheque back 11 months later inside a wedding card with my best wishes for the future.