Weird News Stories


Not that weird a story but didn’t know where else to put it

Judge calls a cunt a cunt.


There is no one weirder than an English weirdo. Fucking creeps.


Fuck sake!


A fucking blunt chainsaw!


No wonder Chris Froome can cycle so fast with all the training he does in South Africa.


Are you suggesting his performances are due to him eating the limbs of black people?


No. But the sight of a chap chasing you with a chainsaw might encourage you to pedal faster. A bit like when a sheepdog chases you in Oireland.


What a tale this is :laughing:


This is a lovely story




Killing Kittens added: “We are excited to announce the launch of our KK Ireland Summer White Party! Based in the heart of beautiful Laois only an hour’s drive from Dublin come and experience a Killing Kittens party the Emerald Isle has never seen before!

“Experience the elegance of an Irish Country House and Estate built in the late 1700s surrounded by acres of exclusive woodland so no one will hear you moan.


Laois Backers

He sailed close to the wind here before escaping with a suspended sentence.



Great headline.



Holy fuck! That video :smile:

That awkward moment when you see the camera on your way out

Cocaine, hell of a drug


‘Wolf-like’ creature shot near Montana ranch puzzles experts -


A limousine bull calf I’d guess. Single suckler, they’re the worst kind.


Could well be. Fed on geosadans