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That is cool. Should be a huge viral hit.


One in the bank for the film studies group cert.



The current building isn’t much more than 40 years old, strange that they’ve put that out.




Does anyone else find it odd how often @mac bumps this thread.




big development in this case



6 deaths in the last week




“Sexsomnia”, could get a few lads off the hook at some stage

This part :thinking:

Gradually, they became closer, and settled into a routine of meals out, cinema and long walks together. They enjoyed each other’s company and Sarah put aside her worries of that strange nocturnal episode.
But one night, after they’d been to a party, where they’d both been drinking, Sarah woke from a deep sleep to find Tom trying to penetrate her through her underwear.
It was painful and disturbing. The next day, she told him she’d had enough and wanted to end the relationship. But Tom’s response surprised her. “He didn’t know what I was talking about so he was quite defensive. And I was really angry having been woken up and him just completely oblivious to the whole thing,” Sarah says.
Tom insisted he had no recollection at all of trying to have sex with Sarah that night. He was devastated by her account of what he had done and by the thought that he had hurt her.
Sarah didn’t know what to think. Tom’s crude attempt to have sex that night had been totally different from how he normally was; gentle, intimate, sensual. But she remembered something Tom had told her when they first met, before the relationship had even begun - that years ago, he had been convicted of raping his ex-partner, Karen, and sentenced to seven years in jail.

But the entire article is mental, worth a read


A Mayoman spontaneously combusted and died on London street a few hours before this year’s All-Ireland football final.

I read about this story on an English website first, which didn’t mention what county he was from, and when I saw the date it happened, immediately thought “I bet he was from Mayo”.


This is straight out of the @Rocko playbook. Superb.


I hope you’re not suggesting that @Rocko may have faked an illness?