West Ham Utd 22/23 - Europa Conference and beyond

And the win. But to put it in perspective, we’re equal points with Manu who are about to sack their coach.


That is some goal by ben Johnson. He looks good


He’s a good ‘un alright. Only that Coufal is so good he’d get a good run. In saying that, the Czech is fit again. Incredibly small ears…

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I’d have thought the other Villa player was more deserving of the red card there…




Arsenal dodged a bullet letting this EMI Martinez go.

West Ham might have replaced Villa as the most likeable team in the EPL.

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By God!

I heard that alright that a bid was going in. Statement of intent. Moysie would get the best out of him

If fit and firing he’d be a massive addition. The worry would be he’s gone full Gareth Bale.

€50m for a fella who’s played less than 50 times in the last three seasons, has scored 4 goals in 3 years in La Liga and is 30 years old. They should be biting West Ham’s hands off.

|21/22|Abdominal Influenza|Nov 19, 2021|Nov 30, 2021|11 days|3Real Madrid|
|21/22|Muscular problems|Oct 8, 2021|Oct 22, 2021|14 days|1Real Madrid|
|21/22|Hamstring Injury|Jun 28, 2021|Aug 12, 2021|45 days|-|
|20/21|Knock|May 21, 2021|May 23, 2021|2 days|1Real Madrid|
|20/21|Muscle Injury|Mar 15, 2021|Apr 22, 2021|38 days|8Real Madrid|
|20/21|Muscle Injury|Feb 3, 2021|Mar 12, 2021|37 days|7Real Madrid|
|20/21|Muscle Injury|Nov 28, 2020|Dec 28, 2020|30 days|8Real Madrid|
|20/21|Corona virus|Nov 7, 2020|Nov 20, 2020|13 days|1Real Madrid|
|20/21|Muscle Injury|Sep 30, 2020|Oct 27, 2020|27 days|6Real Madrid|
|20/21|Knock|Sep 1, 2020|Sep 28, 2020|27 days|2Real Madrid|
|19/20|Knock|Jun 29, 2020|Jul 9, 2020|10 days|2Real Madrid|
|19/20|Fissure of the fibula|Feb 23, 2020|May 9, 2020|76 days|3Real Madrid|
|19/20|Hairline crack in the foot|Dec 5, 2019|Feb 10, 2020|67 days|15Real Madrid|
|19/20|Bruised Ankle|Nov 27, 2019|Dec 5, 2019|8 days|1Real Madrid|
|19/20|Hamstring Injury|Aug 16, 2019|Sep 10, 2019|25 days|3Real Madrid|

Biting their hands off

Supposedly a bad trainer and didn’t impress Real at all when he came back after last summer seriously overweight

Moysey would whip him into shape in no time

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Always felt it was a very noble gesture

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That’s a big dog to have as a number 2

It is isn’t it. Pearce is gone, he’s some replacement in fairness. Plus if it went wrong for Moysie then you have an able replacement.

West Ham lead 2-0 sub off half the team at 65 mins and then immediately conceed. Makes for a long 20 mins now