Westlife spilt


Job done, money made. A successful Irish story :clap: :clap:




Ah for fuck sake :guns:


I know Shan - terrible news isn’t it?


They disbanded rather than have to let McFadden rejoin :lol:

Isnt Bandage a Westlife fan? *

*this may be a totally baseless accusation.


You coping Mac?
At least you got to see them in Croker in the Summer before they called it a day.
I’m just a phone call away buddy.


Read it wasnt till next year. Terrible news alright.



That was Take That you eejit


You went to both.
Part of the ‘Getting married’ deal.


Did Mac just voluntarily admit to going to Take That :o


is there anything more vomit inducing that macs & his gang having banter


Banter me scanter


I always thought it was Gmans gang.


gman- the storyteller of the gang- regales the rest of them on nights out with tales of his trips abroad
mac- the leader of the gang- has this role as he is not as socially awkard as th rest of them- not well liked though
fran- bland & inoffensive- will always be there for a night out but not much craic
pikeman- the irritating half wit that gets very vocal when mac isnt around but doesnt have the balls to confront him


Gang? They’re all the same person.


Take That are class


Yes, yes I did. Have never seen Westlife though. Pikeman is making that stuff up for some reason.


Scary how right you are


Big in Tipp?


I’m known to do a spellbinding rendition of “Flying without wings” on occasion.