Westlife spilt


11 or 12 years too late. A national embarassment, especially with all those cover versions. I always thought the idea of being in a band or a group was that you created your own original music and only sang covers as a tribute. All they were really were glorified karaoke singers. I’m delighted they’re finished and I hope they never reform and we never ever have to listen to them again.


hugely successful businessmen each one of them, the amount of riding those cunts must have done the last 10 years or so around the world. lack of talent doesnt stop anyone making it big, McFadden still out here making it big. Hope for us all. fair play lads :clap:

Westlife, for those of us reasonably acquainted with the female race, songs generally bring back good memories. The soundtrack for casual sex in many a bimbo’s mansion, well one or two anyway. even mac got lucky with westlife ffs.

no doubt another money spinning comeback tour a few years down the road too.



You seem to have put a lot of thought into this…


incorrect-they invested in property


I doubt it mate, those women were as thick as shit. Then again


These cunts are having one more tour next year before they split. Louis Walsh is a fucking genius :lol:






They are a boy band fair enough but at least they could have had something about them. Take That had a few catchy songs, so did the Backstreet Boys but this shower had nothing. Just five gimps singing covers dressed in long coats trying to be as inoffensive as possible. Same as Boyzone.

They say nothing to me about my life.


Their target market were teenage girls, farmer. What would you expect them to say to you about your life?

You and your music snobbery is probably one of the most sickeing aspects of this forum


This lad hasn’t been around in a while.


Typical Irish bitterness


Glorified karaoke and nothing more. A total embarassment to the Irish music industry. Nothing bitter at all in saying what I said. Even the name - Westlife. Where did that come from? Westlife. Louis Walsh should be castrated.


They used to be called Westside. I’ve heard worse names for bands.


So Louie Walsh should be castrated because he is a successful music promoter just because the music isn’t to someone’s taste. What kind of a dope would come up with that logic




Who is this N16 sham? Anyone give him the welcome yet?


Some people just can’t handle seeing other Irish people being successful so feel the need to shoot them down at every opportunity. This lad reminds me of HBV a bit.


apologies about mac N16


HBV was an alright sort who used to cut through bluffers for a short cut. He was like a more abrasive version of Fagan O’Dowd.

We could do with HBV posting more often